Thank you Wellbredapes for making the process of bringing Henry (Flint) home so seamless and easy. Having a concierge assist with the selection process was amazing! The travel coordinator made arranging for his arrival effortless! Thank you for bring my baby home! What a great experience

Amy and Tim

With the support of John, I recently welcomed 2 new Marmoset babies into my family. Wellbredapes made the experience of adopting 2 babies a joyful, stress free, seem-less and easy journey for me. The Marmosets arrived clean, calm. and had clearly bern pampered.

Frankie Briguglio

With much appreciation for John who made an extra effort to find air transportation for a baby Capuchin. Everyone went out of their way to communicate beyond email messages. John called me several times to personally relay important information. Any apprehension about obtaining a pet online was quickly allayed and I am so happy to have Charlotte as part of our family. It is very obvious that Charlotte was lovingly raised because as soon as she stepped from her travel crate she greeted us with happiness. The breeders take much effort to give these energetic Monkeys the attention they need and it makes the noticeable difference.

Tasha Taylor

They took time before delivering. They take care of the Monkeys and before the traveling they checked that the Monkey is in conditions to travel to deliver him safe and sound. Also, they always stay in contact with you to put yourself up-to-date with everything related to your Monkey.

Luma Winston

Ethyl (the Capuchin formally known as Dillie) is a gift from Heaven. She is smart, fast, curious, quiet, playful, cautious, cuddly, well-behaved around toddlers, perfect temperament. My hats of to the wonderful breeder being supported by Wellbredapes. The transportation piece of this was very smooth and she was delivered to my home safely and on time. We had one small hiccup with her vaccination paperwork that was quickly cleared up by John with one short phone call. I would recommend this service based on the breeder selection and Wellbredapes doing what they say they will. Excellent Experience!!!


John was very prompt returning our calls and followed up with us a few weeks later to make sure our new Capuchin monkey was doing well and had a good vet visit. It was a very positive experience, and we love our Monkey!

Diane M.

From the first contact to after receiving our Macaque, Braxton, everyone has been so kind and professional. They made the process of getting a pet monkey for our daughters seamless. The breeder even contacted us with some helpful information and well wishes. I will recommend Wellbredapes to anyone looking for a new pet Monkey.

Mo & Kim Harris

We were guided through the whole process, it was pretty smooth and today we got our new fur baby to the door step with all her papers and so clean and playful healthy and soooooooo beautiful, instantly we fell in love!! Susie Q is our family now thank you!!!!

Michelle S.

It was my pleasure to work with you from the beginning to end. You were very helpful and made my job easy. I found it very easy to follow the instructions and my baby was delivered with no problems at all. I will recommend you to anyone that may ask.

K Collins

Our experience was great. We loved the tracker app so we could follow the delivery guys and knew when they would be arriving. That helped tremendously. We are glad they took great care of him and provided us with a welcome home package. They answered our questions and were very nice and helpful. Thank you,Brendalee & Dwayne Kur


Trustworthy, reliable and caring The team who i worked with was fantastic everyone from John & Kelly to the transport team-Jeremy, Steve and Larry! The process was so streamline and they all explained everything as we went along. I am so happy to have my baby girl here -Rae- aka now Sapphire Rae!! She is so beautiful!! I would highly recommend Wellbredapes!!!

Avery S.

My experience with Pawrade was perfect… My experience with WellbredApes was perfect from beginning to end. Whenever I had any question they were quick to respond. My sweet Macaque was delivered by two wonderful young men. She was clean, and had been well taken care of. I would definitely recommend wellbredapes to anyone. Thanks to wellbredapes!

Julie hicks

The Monkey is adorable and well adapted… The Capuchin is adorable and well adapted to our home. We love him and are so glad we used Wellbredapes

Mike Alan

Excellent communication and the monkey looked well taken care of… Comet was a gift for my Mom and she adores him ❤️❤️❤️. Definitely will recommend Wellbredapes.

T. Melvin

Our babies arrived on time and are already playing with the kids. The communication before the pickup was very good


The Monkey is super sweat and beautiful the owner was amazing super nice gave me all the shots records and health records showing the Monkey is completely healthy and I love that anytime you purchase a monkey through Wellbredapes you get a 1 year health gaurantee with your Monkey purchase.

Melissa Coache